MLK Day at the Museums

Every year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day all the museums down at University Circle in Cleveland are free all day.  We spend almost every weekend at the art and natural history museum already, but on MLK Day there are all sorts of special events and crafts to do as well.  I love the children’s museum, but on free day it is always so packed it’s suddenly not fun, so we never go on free days.  The Cleveland Orchestra also does free concerts all day and I look forward to going to those sometime in the future.  Usually we go to our favorites which are the botanical gardens, natural history museum, and art museum.  However, yesterday we decided to switch if up a little.  We still went to the botanical gardens because on a cold, gray, snowy day butterflies flying around in a green house are pretty much a necessity.  But then we went to the Case Western Reserve Historical Society.  The Auto/Aviation part was closed for renovations, unfortunately, it’s always fun seeing the cool old cars!  We did still get to wander around the historical side, and it was fun to be there again, I haven’t been to that museum in years, mostly because it’s not as little kid friendly as some of the others are.  But now they’ve added a historical play area where kids can dress up in old style clothing and pretend to cook meals on old cast iron stoves or more modern 50’s stoves, or even over a fire pit, and of course the modern day microwave.  The girls had a blast playing in the room and on our way out I stopped by the family history library and am hoping to go back sometime this weekend with all my binders of family history stuff and no kids and see if I can dig up any new info.

The girls loved the huge old doll houses

I really want to make some blocks like these for the girls, with photos of houses and buildings we know, like our house, grandma’s, nana’s, the library, etc…  So fun for making a little city.


One response to “MLK Day at the Museums

  1. I love how Lexi’s face is reflected in the glass in front of the dollhouse.

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