“Positive Thoughts” and “What a Gem April” by Ivory Keys Digital Dreams

Today I want to share a couple  kits  by Ivory Keys Digital Dreams.

The first is Positive Thoughts

I used this kit to make a page of a photo of Dan’s dad that I really love (of course being a librarian!).  It shows him reading to his little brother.  I thought the browns and dusky blues of this kit would be perfect to compliment the sepia tones of the old photo.  I’d kind of taken a break from scraping our old family photos but am excited to start getting back into it, as well as beginning to make pages for me and Dan growing up.

The second kit today is called What a Gem-April, from the What a Gem series.  This kit would be right up Fiona’s alley with all the pinks and glittery!  So I will definitely have to make a page for her using it sometime soon!

With this kit I made a page for my mother in law on her wedding day with her parents.  The story that goes with this page is that her mom had tried to make a beautiful veil with real daisies, but had not been happy with any of the veils she’d tried making.  In the end, it was a week before the wedding and my mother in law wound up buying a veil at the dress shop and taking it to the florist to add flowers.  Unfortunately they used roses instead of the daisies she had wanted.  I thought the soft pinks in this kit were a perfect match to the flowers and dress her mom is wearing.  The best part is that my mother in law even commented on this when I first sent her a copy of this page!  It made my day 🙂

It’s funny, I guess today’s post really featured the in laws-Hi guys! hope you like your pages 🙂

One response to ““Positive Thoughts” and “What a Gem April” by Ivory Keys Digital Dreams

  1. I feel so complemented that you chose to use the photo of George reading to Don for your scrap booking page! I’ll make sure that they both get to see it! You’r right, the colors look great together-very nice and cozy setting! Of course, I love the wedding page with my parents as well! How can I get copies of these beautiful pages?

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