Disney Princesses on Ice -or things you never thought you’d do until you had kids, but are so glad you did!

Seven years ago, before I was pregnant or had children, I never would have even considered going to any kind of Disney on Ice production.  Growing up I was never into all the princesses, although Ariel was the first modern princess movie to come out and I think I was already like 10 or so when it was in the theaters.  I don’t remember other girls growing up dressing like the princesses and being so interested in all of them.  Of course back then there were really only the Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Snow White movies.  And before VCRs were common place in every home you had to wait until old cartoons were on TV to see them.  So unlike girls growing up today I couldn’t just watch any princess movie any time I wanted to so I never really thought about them.  Plus I was really a tomboy and more interested in horses than girly stuff.  As an adult, before children, I never wanted to see any of the cartoons that came out, no matter how much other adults were raving about them.  I always felt like there were so many other good (real-so to speak) movies out there that I didn’t want to spend my time watching shows that were really geared towards kids.

But it’s funny how all of that changes so quickly.  Now I am completely submerged in the princess world and surround by frilly dress up versions of the princess outfits.  I’ve seen Cars and Cars 2 so many times that I have it memorized, but I still enjoy watching it with my children.  And then there’s Tangled.  I LOVE it.  I cry every time during the lantern scene.

When I heard about Disney Princesses on Ice coming to town on the radio I knew that Fi would love to go.  So a friend from work and I decided to go together with our girls.  I was really excited to go, but more because I knew the girls would have so much fun.  I wasn’t particularly thinking that I would get so much out of the show.  In fact my friend from work and I were thinking we may have actually appreciated it more than the girls!  I literally had chills and goose bumps during the scene where Rapunzel is flying through the air holding on to her hair.  The most amazing thing about this scene is that she and Flynn Rider were just holding on with their hands.  They were not held up by safety lines.  And I cried (of course ) again at the lantern song, especially because they had a little girl from audience hand the first lantern to Rapunzel.

So, we have already decided we HAVE to go again next year, although to be honest I was ready to go again the next day!

click image below to see photos of the show.  The girls had an amazing time!

disney on ice

Here’s a video I found on Youtube of the hair scene.  It was so amazing!

And some scrapbook pages 🙂


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