All Done!

I graduated this past Saturday from Kent State with my masters in Library Science.  I managed to drag a two year program that most people do in one year into a six year long event-I did have two babies during that time.  To say that I am glad to finally be done with school would be one of the world’s largest understatements.  Juggling school, work, children, and the fact that I actually want to have a life was often difficult.  But I made it through and can breathe a HUGE sign of relief that I never have to have another due date hanging over my head.
The whole experience was kind of bittersweet, also because my dad and step mom were not able to be there.  I found out the Saturday after Thanksgiving that my dad had been in the hospital for a week and was scheduled for open heart surgery on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.  This was a complete shock, as I hadn’t even been aware he needed any of this.  He had gone to the hospital for minor oral surgery and found out that they thought he should have the valves in his heart replaced to avoid any probable heart attacks.  I couldn’t even go visit him in the hospital since I was still sick.  I didn’t get a chance to see him at all until this past Saturday, almost a month after his surgery.  He’s still really weak and short of breath, but seems to be pulling through well despite everything.  So it’s been a really rough but also exciting couple of months all at the same time. Here’s a scrapbook page I made about a year ago for my dad, it shows us at my 8th grade graduation with my mom (gotta love my bangs growing out!), at my high school graduation, and with my mom at my college graduation from John Carroll.  I really with he could have been there this time too…

Here we are walking in, I’m the one facing the wrong direction (of course) on the middle, left-ish side.

My graduate hood/scarf kept sliding down, but I do have the fun yellow thing, it’s just more around my waist than my neck.


3 responses to “All Done!

  1. A wonderful achievement, Meghan! Something to be valued for the rest of your life! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations, Meghan! That’s a great achievement!

  3. Congratulations on your graduation! Hurray for one less thing to worry about! I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he gets better soon and that you all get to spend time with him at Christmas! 🙂

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