Light Up Snowman

About a year or two ago I was weeding art magazines at work when I saw this really cool idea for taking clear packaging tape and making sculptures out of it.  In the magazine, art students were mostly wrapping their arms, legs, chest, hands, feet, etc separately and making large clear people made of tape and some abstract art shapes as well.  I thought about how that was a fun use of packaging tape and filed it away in my mind.  A few days later I was thinking of decorations for the library, that year our winter reading theme was all about snow and winter.  I thought how it would be pretty cool looking to make icicles out of packaging tape as it looked just like ice.  That lead me to thinking of what else I could make with packaging tape and thought of covering 3 different sized balls to make a snowman.  As with most exciting (at least to me) ideas, they come at night so I barely slept with the excitement of trying out making a snowman the next day.  We went to Costco and bought a TON of tape and as soon as we got home I got right to work.  It took a while, but the end result was fantastic!  I loved them so much we made them for our family and I made three for the library.  My fantastic husband even found a way to rig up LED lights so that the snowman would glow.  He did a lot of work with soldering and re wiring our old cell phone plug in chargers and using mini fuses.  I think you can get a cool effect by buying a short strand of LED Christmas lights and putting them in the snowman.  I wouldn’t recommend regular old lights as they heat up, LED’s apparently don’t.

This snowman craft was in our latest edition of our library’s bulletin.  I wrote out the directions and our fabulous PR lady helped them make sense and added the illustrations to make it clearer.  Have fun crafting, I always do! 🙂
Click image to see it larger.


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