Balancing Act Felt Board Story

I won’t have a Flannel Friday submission for next week’s round up.  This week is our last week of the session, but I will be back the week of Jan 9th.  See you guys then 🙂

My theme last week for storytime was playing and having fun (this week my theme was holidays and I used my Ten Little Presents feltboard which you can find here).  One of my favorite activities to do with this theme is to use the song “What Shall We Do?” on the CD Wiggle Worms Love You with the parachute.  Everyone, parents and kids and me, hold on to an edge of the parachute for this activity.

Wiggle Worms "Love You" CD

The song goes

What shall we do when we all go out
When we all go out, when we all go out
What shall we do when we all go out
When we all go out to play.
everyone holds onto the edge of the parachute and walks in a circle

other phrases-not in order since I don’t have the lyrics handy
We can slide down the slide…. move parachute up and down
We can play on the monkey bars…. hold parachute up high and shake it
We can swing on the swings… move in and out with parachute
We can play in the sand box…. crouch down and shake parachute on the floor
We can ride on the merry go round….  walk in circle again

Today for Flannel Friday I have a cute little felt board based on the book Balancing Act by Ellen Stoll Walsh.

This is a story about mice who find a cool stick and a rock and make a teeter totter out of it all.  Then some friends come and join them which makes the teeter totter get off balance.  To show the teeter totter going up and down I just tilted the felt board one way or the other.

I made the bird with scrapbook paper that had a feather pattern and added felt details and a googlie eye.
At the end the stick breaks because there are too many enthusiastic animals balancing on it.  I cut my felt stick in half and attached a thin piece of velcro (the sticky side) to the back so that I could ‘break’ the stick in half at the appropriate time.

Look for the rest of the Flannel Friday round up at Linda’s blog later today.   🙂

One response to “Balancing Act Felt Board Story

  1. Wow – that flannel is gorgeous!

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