Library Decorations for Winter Reading Club

So one of my favorite parts about my job is decorating the children’s room twice a year, once for Summer Reading and once for Winter Reading.  I’m so glad we have our reading clubs twice a year so I get to do this twice.  I LOVE it so much.  The best part is how much my co-workers get into the fun to and help me bring my ideas to fruition, whether it’s by helping to put things together or brainstorming the best way to actually build my ideas, and of course suggesting other cool ideas that I hadn’t thought of.  The end result is always fantastic and I love seeing the looks on the faces of patrons as they come through for the first time.  It’s the best reward of all for all the hard work we do to make the room beautiful.  We’ve done some really magical decorations in the past.  I think we will never be able to top when we did Candy Land for last year’s winter reading, but I think this winter the decorations are still really pretty and fun.

This year our winter reading theme is “Reading is Snow Much Fun” I thought it would be fun to do kind of a woodland winter theme.  This stemmed from my discovery of those cool felt pine trees that I posted about here.   I also found this amazing wall hanging:

I thought it was so fantastic, but It was just such a huge use of our supplies of construction paper and tissue paper.  But I REALLY wanted to make it.  So I asked one of my especially helpful co-workers to see if she could come up with any ideas as I was leaving for lunch.  When I got back she had been inspired by an image pretzel rods dipped in chocolate and cranberries(!) that she found online and suggested using branches instead of string.  I thought that was a fantastic idea and went home to search for sticks.  While taking my dog for a walk, I found some great ones that a neighbor had piled up for trash day.  They were perfect because they were really straight and flat.  So I grabbed a ton and struggled home with them.  Then I headed out to my back yard with a huge pair of shears and found a nice long branch for the top portion.  Back at work, we got busy making cool flowers.  Another co-worker shared her Kleenex  flowers-that looked like carnations, I made some tissue paper roses, and some felt poinsettia type flowers.  I added a some paper leaves and the end result!—
To be honest, I actually like this one better than the $18,000 that was my inspiration!

Another idea I found on pinterest was for cute little snowflakes made out of paper tubes:

In the end, I decided not to use paint or glitter, because I liked the look of the brown paper against the reds and greens.

Some other photos from the winter reading club decorations:

I made the trees out of crinkled (it’s loud when done in a library) bulletin board paper and hung the branches from the ceilings with string and pins.

I made a little owl nest in one of the trees and we added a couple cute owl puppets we had.

I reused the arctic arch I made for the summer reading program One World Many Stories (where I featured different areas of the world in the decorations-my favorite was an Eiffel tower that lit up with Christmas lights that I poked through from behind-I’ll have to post pictures of previous decorations sometime!)  We added some greenery and a cute bear to make it feel more cave-like.  Everyone thought the felt trees looked like the ones in Rudolph, so I made a Rudolph inspired deer to peek out from behind the trees.  The packaging tape snowman is from a few years ago, you can read about how to make one here (link coming soon, I accidentally hit publish instead of preview, Uggh!)


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