Getting Ready for Christmas

The girls (mostly Fiona since Lexi’ still new to all the Christmas excitement/insanity) have been pushing to put our tree up and lights on the house.  It’s been rough around here with all the pneumonia, yes Dan and my mom got it too 😦  so us adults are a little less enthused about Christmas then normal.  But we put our tree up last week and the girls had so much fun seeing all the ornaments again and playing with them and accidentally breaking them.  My trusty glue gun is always at the ready on tree decorating day.  Lexi especially was amazed with all the excitement, last year she was just a little over 1 so this is the first year where she can really participate in all the fun and activities.  Once the ornaments were on the tree she ran around it batting at all of them and pulling off the little gold horns so she could pretend to play them.  Despite the fact that the tree takes up a huge amount of valuable floor space in our living room, I have to admit that it does look really pretty.  We still have to put lights on the house and are hoping to do that tomorrow as it’s supposed to be a little warmer out.  Neither Dan nor I want to spend tons of time out in the cold just days after getting over pneumonia.  I REALLY don’t want to get sick again!

On Friday night we went to the annual gingerbread making party at church, again this was Lexi’s first time going and she had so much fun.  Everyone brings their own graham crackers and frosting and then a ton of candy to share.  So in the end you wind up with a cool assortment of tasty decorations for your gingerbread house.  I wasn’t sure how Lexi would do, I pictured her either having a great time and making a cute little house, or eating a ton of candy and going bizerk.  Fortunately it was the former.  She actually sat in her chair for a good hour putting gum drops and Hershey’s kisses all over her gingerbread house/lean-to.  As Fiona worked on her house (and for the whole 40 minute drive home) she narrated the story of the gingerbread men who live in the house.  They eat only gum and candy peas, one of them can’t afford a bed to sleep on, and they have bat toys (courtesy of a friend who brought in a Halloween gingerbread house kit).  She made these few facts into a lengthy and drawn out narration that would make Thoreau proud–seriously did anyone finish reading Walden’s Pond in high school?

The Christmas fun continued on Saturday when we decorated sugar cookies.  Again I was surprised with how well Lexi did, she’s usually so active that I didn’t expect her to be patient with cutting the cookies out, waiting for them to bake, and then decorating them before having a chance to eat any.  But she really enjoyed it.  Our cookies turned out very nice, and I found a new recipe that actually makes soft sugar cookies that even taste good.  Ours always seemed to be really hard in the past.  It is hard to find the cookies, however, underneath about two inches of frosting and assorted sprinkles.

Saturday night was an exciting night for the girls because in our neighborhood Santa comes by on a flashing fire truck to bring kids presents a couple weeks before Christmas.  Unfortunately for Lexi, this turned out to be a terrifying experience.  Too bad Santa has to be so weird looking to most kids.  And it’s also strange that a 6 foot tall bunny poses less of a threat to my children than a guy with a beard (I mean Dan’s dad has one it’s not all that unusual-maybe it’s the bright red suit?)  Anyhow, it was very exciting when we got the call from one of Santa’s elves telling us that he was just minutes away.  We headed outside and watched for the flashing fire truck.  Santa comes riding in hanging on to the back of the truck “HO! HO ! HO!”-ing the whole time and ringing a bell.  Then he hopes off receives the girls’ presents from an elf and hands them over.  Fi was excited, Lexi was screaming.  Then he’s off again on the back of the truck frantically ringing his bell on the way to the next house.  I guess it’s events like this one, and Halloween, and being down the street from the beach that make living in this house with foundation problems, more worth it.  The girls ran inside with their gifts and Fiona immediately started playing with Lexi’s gift while Lexi went off to color.  Oh well, we tried.  P.S. don’t tell the girls but mommy dropped off the gifts at the fire station a week before Santa’s visit.

One response to “Getting Ready for Christmas

  1. As much as these past few months have totally bit the big one, I wouldn’t trade being a parent with kids at Christmas time for anything. I know how you feel about the saggy Christmas spirit, but we’re so blessed to have the beautiful kids we have and I can’t wait to see their faces light up on Christmas morning — or for me, this Sunday when Ty’s mom and dad do an early Christmas since they’ll be out of town next week.

    Merry Christmas and FOR PETE’S SAKE, LET’S HAVE A HAPPIER NEW YEAR, am I right?!

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