A trip downtown

On Saturday, I braved my exhausted prone state as a result of pneumonia, my inability to drive without getting lost (despite GPS) and took Fiona downtown to see the play A Christmas Carol with her Daisy Girl Scout troop.  I managed not to get lost and we even had cash for parking, which was a miracle and only possible because Fiona didn’t spend all the money I gave her to use at her school’s holiday shop this past week.  Otherwise, we would have had to roam around looking for an ATM before we were even able to park.

I hadn’t realized this ahead of time, but Saturday was actually some sort of official Girl Scout day at the Ohio Theater Playhouse.  I thought it was just something fun that Fiona’s troop was doing, instead the place was packed to the gills with girls in their finest tea party dresses partially covered by the traditional blue, brown, or green vests.  Most of these vests disappeared quickly.  Fiona wore her Daisy tunic for about 1 minute.

Despite the huge assembly of giggling girl scouts, it was amazingly calm during the play and for the most part they all did a great job of sitting still and listening.  Fiona thought she was at a movie and was surprised when I told her that the people she was watching on stage were actually really there and that if she wanted to she could go up and touch them, but that she would probably get in trouble if she did.

It was great having this experience with Fiona, and it brought back soooooo many memories of all the trips my mom and I made downtown as I was growing up.  We used to see the Cleveland Ballet’s (now defunct) version of the Nutcracker as well as their other ballets, assorted operas, musicals, plays, you name it.  I always loved getting dressed up and the mystery of an adventure downtown.  As an adult, it’s like ‘big deal’, until I took Fi with me and was able to relive some of my old excitement through her.  I’m so excited that she is old enough now to be able to do these sorts of things.  I remember one of the last times my mom and I went downtown for a show.  I was a freshman in high school, and quickly becoming too cool for really anything (HA!).  I got dressed up in my coolest tough girl outfit, stupid black combat boots, a black velvet dress, and an army green jacket.  Ugg! Can I have a do over?  I clomped downtown in my dumb boots and went to see…..Cats!  Oh boy.  It was pretty cool though because my mom was friends with a lady who was able to get us back stage to meet a couple of the actors and watch them put on their kitty cat makeup.  I even got to try on a cat wig!  I made a stupid face and my mom got a great shot of the camera strap.  This was back before digital when a majority of everyone’s photos had a finger or a strap or some other appendage in the photo and you didn’t find out until you had them developed.  Anyhow, it’s a great photo on so many levels.

I wanted to get some pictures of Fiona at the theater, they had a beautiful winter scene set up, but she wasn’t in the mood.  I swear she’s already like a 15 year old.  We get no information about what she does at school, just the “it was fine” response.  All she tells us is that riding the bus is her favorite subject.  Ok, Fiona.


2 responses to “A trip downtown

  1. I LOVE taking the girls downtown for a show! We just saw Wizard of Oz in October – another Girl-Sout-A-thon I think my new year’s resolution will be to do it more often.

  2. Sounds like a very fun mother-daughter adventure! Nice that it was sponsored by the Girl Scouts!

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