Dan Zanes Concert!

We took Fiona to see a Dan Zanes concert a few years ago (I was pregnant with Alexis-so she was kind of there too).  It was such a fantastic time.  We danced, we laughed, it was fantastic and I couldn’t wait until he was in town again.  Finally a couple years later he came back.  We got tickets immediately and I was counting down the days until concert time.  Then a week ago we ALL got sick.  Fiona got the worst of it and was out of school for about a week before the concert.  She had a temperature everyday and the same horrible rattly cough that the rest of us all had too.  She made it through about a half day of school on Friday, I really wanted to send her partially because she’d been out a week and partially because it was Veteran’s Day and my dad (who had been in the Navy during Vietnam) was supposed to have lunch with her.  It means a lot to me when they spend time together so I really wanted her to be there that day.  She had been feeling pretty good in the morning so I drove her to school (instead of the school bus-to make her morning a little more low-key).  I brought my dad back at lunch time and we saw her head out the recess while he had time to hang out and eat cookies with all the other veterans in the schools “canteen.”

When it was time for lunch we met her in the cafeteria and she was sobbing.  I was worried that she thought we hadn’t come as she didn’t see me when she came in since I was chasing down my dad after he got his lunch and then got lost in the cafeteria.  Instead she was starting to feel ill again.  She said she’d been feeling fine until she went out for recess, I wish I’d thought to ask if she could stay in during recess since she had been so sick.  We mad it through about half of lunch time and then she just looked so unhappy that I took her home to rest.

By Sunday she was perking up a bit again and really wanted to go to the Dan Zanes concert.  She’d been fever free since Thursday, but was still feeling a little run down from having been sick for so long.  My mom joined us for the concert and we decided to try going.  We got to the venue, this fun little building with wooden floors and a really intimate setting.  We were only feet from the stage and settled in on the floor to wait for the band.  We got lunches for the kids from the small attached restaurant/bar and everyone was happy and having a good time.  Both girls got Dan Zanes t-shirts, but Fiona is already too cool for that sort of thing.  Lexi wore hers with pride!  We also purchased the new Dan Zanes CD.  He’s really one of the best children’s performers out there.  It’s still cool music so parents can enjoy it, and it’s a great show.

After the first few songs I could tell that Fiona was just not into it.  We were able to stay for most of the concert.  I think we only missed the last couple songs at least.

Fi heading off to the concert

Lexi in her Dan Zane’s Shirt

A scrapbook page for the fun event:


One response to “Dan Zanes Concert!

  1. I didn’t know that your family was sick last week! George, Sara, Paden, and I all had colds. Almost everyone from the previous weekend was sick-ugh! Anyway, I’m so glad that you all got to enjoy most of the concert! Looks like a lot of fun!

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