First Piano Lessons

I began taking piano lessons when I was eight years old and continued to play and take lessons all the way through college.  I began my college career at the Baldwin Wallace Music Conservatory as a Music Therapy major where I focused on piano and percussion.  When I moved into my own place with my husband of course my piano came with me.  And when we moved again I had to sell my baby grand which was hard to do, but our new house just didn’t have the space.  Our current house, while slightly smaller than our first, is in a wonderful neighborhood.  I mean we have a beach right down the street from us.  It’s amazing to take a walk in the evening with your shovel and pail and stop by the beach for a brief dig in the sand with your children.  So while I miss our old house, and my baby grand, I can’t complain-very often-about the neighborhood.

Fortunately, my husband’s sister had a piano that belonged to a relative of theirs which they no longer wanted in their house and they very kindly brought this huge upright piano all the way from Michigan to us.  This piano was a much better fit for our new house.  However, no sooner had we moved in, gotten settled, and started re-decorating than our foundation cracked (it’s a slab ranch style house).  for the past two years we have been struggling with our foundation and have had our house “slab-jacked” twice.  What is slab-jacking?  Hopefully you never have to find out.  Basically, you have to take all of your furniture out of the house and then rip up all the flooring (this step is especially infuriating if you have only just put in new flooring).  Then professional slab jacking people come in, drill holes in your cement floor, cover everything in cement dust, pump a dirt/cement mixture under the house to fill up the hole, and cover your walls and floors in the mud mixture.

Then you get to repeat that step again the following summer-after replaceing all your flooring, adding some new flooring, putting all your furniture back in, and beginning to go about your life once again just to have it all disrupted for a second time.  Not fun.

So anyhow, we put all our flooring back in for a third time and are hoping to never have to do this again.  So we’re actually putting our house back in order too, which means the piano came out of the corner where it was covered in a drop cloth and other junk.

It was wonderful to play again.  It’s amazing how sometimes you don’t realize how much you miss something until you have it back again.  Plus I’m really looking forward to teaching Fiona some basic piano playing skills. Then if she continues to enjoy it we’d look around for a teacher.

This past week she learned how to play the C scale with her right hand going both up and down the scale.  She seems to really enjoy the piano, and my husband told me that after I went to work, after teaching her the scale, she frequently returned to the piano throughout the evening to practice.  The next day, when she got off the bus from school, the first thing she wanted to do was practice her scale again.  I’m so proud of her, and so glad that she’s enjoying it so much thus far.


One response to “First Piano Lessons

  1. Fiona, that was wonderful piano playing! I especially love the personal greeting at the end! It made me smile REALLY BIG! It’s awesome that you can play with both hands! I started taking piano lessons in 2nd or 3rd grade, but only played with one hand for a long time. Love, Grandma

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