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Forest Tracks Felt board

Don’t forget to stop back by later tonight for the full Flannel Friday Roundup :)

For this week’s Flannel Friday I wanted to share a really cute storyt that I made into a felt board.  It’s a book called Forest Tracks by Dee Dee Duffy

It’s a guessing story where you see foot prints of an animal and hear a sound associated in some way with the animal.  For isntance large foot prints and a growling sound and the kids can guess bear.  Some of them you might need to give some additional hints, like for the racoon where the sound is a splashing as he fishes in the water for food.

I made mine a snowy winter background instead of grassy, although we don’t have any snow anyhow, oh well.  So for each page, I put the animal prints on the board and once the kids guessed the animal I put up it’s felt board image.

Groundhog Day Feltboard and Cute Craft

I meant to post this last week, and had my blog all written and ready to go, but the day completely got away from me!  So here it is now. I’m also excited to announce that next week I will be hosting Flannel Friday for the first time!

I should have posted this sooner, but the feltboards really didn’t come together until the end.  But here is my groundhog program at little late :)

5 Little Groundhogs

The first little groundhog crept out of his lair (creep fingers)
The second little groundhog said, “Is spring in the air?” (sniff air)
The third little groundhog asked, “Is the time right?” (point to “watch” on wrist)
The fourth little groundhog squirmed, “The sun is too bright!” (shade eyes)
The fifth little groundhog squeaked, “My shadow I see!”
“I’m not staying out here! No siree! Not ME! (shake head no)
“Back to my burrow I’m going to creep.” (creep fingers)
“And for six more weeks I’m going to sleep!” (rest head on hands and close eyes)
                             ~From teachingheart.net

I also made a feltboard based (loosely) on the story from Liz and Dick Wilmes’ book Magnet Board Fun called “Gregory Groundhog Sees His Shadow.”

I just basically used the first and last paragraph from their book, where Greggory goes out to look for his shadow and sees the shadows of other animals.  As he sees each shadow I put it on the feltboard and had the kids guess what the animal was.  Most of them were pretty easy.  I narrated what he was thinking as he sees the shadows and discovers what each one really is.  Like for instance he realized he should have known the giraffe’s shadow was not his own since his neck isn’t nearly that long.  At the end he sees a shadow that scares him so much he races back to his burrow where he realizes he has just been frightened by his own shadow.  He decides to stay in his den for 6 more weeks to rest and recover from his fright.  The kids really liked it and they and the parents all had some good chuckles over Greggory’s confusion about the different animal shapes he sees.  I decided to just grab a few animals from my assorted felt board color sets and make matching shadows for them to use for this program.

At the end of the program we had a cute little craft that I also found at teachingheart.net where they linked back to a blog called Skip to My Lou that had the most adorable groundhog craft ever.  I substituted craft foam for the felt she used and used pompoms for the noses.  We had a variety pack of pompoms so some of the groundhogs had really colorful noses!
I had the slits in the cups cut ahead of time and the green felt glued around the cup already in place before storytime.  The kids did make their own grass by cutting the inch or so of felt that I left at the top of the cup.  They then glued their pre-cut groundhogs to the stick, added googly eyes, a nose, and teeth and were all set.  I made the groundhog body in one piece-the ears were part of the body, not separate pieces, again just to cut down on parts to assemble.
the kids all loved them and laughed out loud when I demonstrated how the puppet worked, they were a huge hit.  My youngest daughter continues to carry her groundhog (out of the cup) around the house.  :)Fiona shows off her groundhog :)

Katie at storytimesecrets is hosting the round up today and they will be posted later this evening.

Flannel Friday ~ Keeping Warm

Despite our (mostly) lack of snow recently I’ve been forging ahead with my winter themed stories, at least there was a little bit of snow last week, altough it’s all gone again.  So, my theme last week was about staying warm and being cozy.

I began with a felt board called Quilts Galore.

Quilts Galore
5 colorful quilts with patches galore,
1 covered Rabbit and then there were four.
4 colorful quilts as pretty as can be,
1 covered Kitty and then there were three.
3 colorful quilts with patches red and blue,
1 covered Fox and then there were two.
2 colorful quilts made just for fun,
1 covered Squirrel and then there was one.
1 colorful quilt left out in the sun,
It covered puppy and then there were none.
–  found on Finger Plays and Action Rhymes Blog
I changed the original version to be animals instead of child names as I have more than 5 children, usually, and this way I could make some cute little animal friends to liven up the felt board.

Later on in storytime we did a mitten matching game (I’ve seen a few others out there in Flannel Friday Land!)  For my toddler class, I put one of the mittens, from each pair, on the felt board and hid the matching ones around the room.  Each child went to find 2 mittens each and when they found their mittens they had to match them to the other half of the pair on the board.  For my older crowd I hid all of the mittens, each kid went to look for one and then had to look around the room to find the other kid who had the matching one, then they went up to the board together to put the matching pair on the board.

The storytime book we did today was based on the book The Jacket I Wear in the Snow by Shirley Neitzel.  I only used this with my older crowd and had the kids help me tell the rebus story by saying the words with the pictures over them as we read this repetitive story.  It’s like a “This is the House that Jack Built” style, for those of you not familiar with the book.

A close up of the sweater, ’cause that’s my favorite piece :)

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Flannel Friday-Another Valentine’s Day Set

So, apparently I haven’t had enough with Valentine’s Day yet and it’s still January!  I would have posted this felt board last week, or better yet two weeks ago when everyone else did [blush], but I only just finished it this week :)

A co-worker of mine found an idea for these cute little Valentine envelopes on Pinterest and ultimately they came from Etsy.
So  my co-woker and I wrote a cute little poem to go with the envelopes.

Six Little Valentines

6 little Valentines were sent to my house,
The first one said, “I love you, From Mouse.” (light purple)

5 little Valentines in my mailbox,
The second one said, “Be mine, Love Fox.”  (light pink)

4 little Valentines full of love,
The third one said, “You are sweet, From Dove.” (light blue)

3 little Valentines just for me,
The fourth one said, “Be my honey, Love Bee.”  (dark pink)

2 little Valentine’s mailed with care,
The fifth one said, “Here’s a hug, From Bear.” (dark purple)

The last little Valentine, from my friend Jay,
This one said, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”  (dark blue/teal)

– by Elizabeth Stefanov and Miss Meghan (me!)
Don’t worry, Elizabeth okay-ed her full name printed here :)

So the little animals go in to an envelope, I made the hearts they are holding match the envelope they go into, but you can make yours however you want of course!  To begin the envelopes are on the feltboard and as you read the poem take down each envelope, open it and put the animal back on the board.  I’m excited to try this one out for Valentine’s Day storytimes!!!

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Valentine’s Day Flannel Friday

Ok, so here is my Valentine’s Day Extravaganza post, a week late-oops!  I have a couple older feltboards to share today, I’m really excited to make some new Valentine’s Day feltboards that fellow Flannel Friday-er’s shared last week.  But then while looking through books on the shelf a couple days ago I stumbled upon a cool Valentine’s Day book I’d never seen before, Valentine Surprise, even though it’s from 2008.  so I made a felt board for that one really quick and have that to share today too :)

I love playing games with the storytime kids, and they especially seem to like games where they have to search around the storytime room for objects.  For Valentine’s Day I made several sets of paper hearts and cut them in half.  For my little guys I put one half of each of th hearts on the board and hid the other half around the room.  They each go and find a half of a heart and match it to the other half on the board.  To make it a little more difficult for the preschool aged crownd, I hide all the hearts and they have to find another kid in the class who has the matching side.  then they can come up together to put the full heart on the board.

I also used a flannel board poem that I originally found in the book The Best of Totline called the Valentine Tree.  I made a large tree with bare branches, which we use for other felt boards when the need arises, like for fall leaves.

The Valentine Tree
I know a very special tree
That lives among the pines.
It has no leaves upon its boughs,
It just grows valentines.

It grows some pretty red ones,
And others that are blue,
It grows some fancy lace ones
With flowers on them, too.

It grows some little pink ones
And great big ones of green.
It grows the nicest valentines
That I have ever seen.

One day, I walked up to it
And shook that special tree.
Down fell a valentine
Especially for me!
-Adapted by Jean Warren from a story by Marion Schoeberlein

Then my new story is Valentine Surprise  by Corrine Demas.  It’s such a cute book about a girl who is trying to make a Valentine heart cut from paper for her mom.  She is never satisfied with the results she gets, it’s too round, too square, too thin, etc.  In the end she tapes them all together to make a cool looking banner.

All the hearts strung together in a banner, I plan to hold this up during the appropriate time in the story, so what I would do is put all the hearts on the board as she makes them in the story, then during the part of the story where she tapes them together I’ll take them down, put the book flat in my lap, and talk about how hard she worked to tape the hearts together all while I velcro them together.  Then I’ll keep the pile of velcroed together hearts in my lap, pick the book back up and when I get to the part where the mom holds up the heart banner I will hold up the felt one.
Here you can see the heart from the back, my velcro is sticky backed so I just used a little scrap of felt on the back of the rough side so the pieces don’t stick to everything, then I used some soft velcro on the hearts so they all stick together well.

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Flannel Friday Winter Theme

I completely forgot about the Valentine’s Day Extravaganza, so here are a few winter ideas. I’ll post Valentine’s Day next week so hopefully those interested will still have time to make their felt board sets before Valentine’s Day storytimes begin.

This week I did winter stories for my programs at the library.  Back in December when I began planning my themes for January and February a winter/snow theme seemed like a good idea.  Of course we’ve barely had any snow this winter (a crazy novelty here in the outer Cleveland suberbs where we find our selves subjected to lake effect snow every winter and into the spring).

We started by talking about things that are white, like snow.  I was excied to use my new color themed sets for this activity.  I put up a picture for the toddlers and they told me what it was.  For the older crowd I had them suggest things that were white like snow and added the felt piece if I had it, or gave them hints to lead to an answer that I did have a felt version of.

Then we did a 5 Little Snowmen counting poem and feltboard to get the storytime started.

Five Little Snowmen
5 little snowmen standing round my door,
This one melted and then there were 4.

4 little snowmen beneath a tree,
This one melted and then there were 3.

3 little snowmen all have mittens blue.
This one melted and then there were 2.

2 little snowmen standing in the room,
This one melted and then there was 1.

1 little snowman wanted to run.
But he melted away and then there were none.

After reading a book about snow, I got out a large 12×12 sheet of white paper and folded it daigonally a few times.  Then I grabbed my scisors and asked the kids to tell me what they had to wear to keep warm when they went outside in the winter.  So hey suggested hats, mittens, snowpants, scarves, jackets, sometimes I get ear muffs as a suggestion.  So as they say these articles of clothing I cut them out of my folded paper and layout the cut out shape on the floor in front of me.  Afterwards I say, “what do you hope to see coming down from the sky after you get all bundled up to go outside, so you can play in it?”  Then I open up the folded paper to reveal a snowflake.  This is such a simple activity to do but it is always recived with so much enthusuasim and amazement by the little ones.

After our last book I did a feltboard called  Snowman Snowman What Do You See? obviously inspired by Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?  there are many different versions of this.  I based mine off an old card I found in our library poems stash of index cards.  I begin by putting the plain snowman on the felt board and ask the kids what we need to do to make him fancier.  They say something like a carrot nose or arms.  Then we start the poem.

I made this snowman several years ago, when I was still kind of new at making felt boards, Someday I will update him to do the details in paint instead of permanent marker, but for now here he is :)
Snowman Snowman What Do You See?
Snowman, snowman what do you see?
I see brown branches comming towards me.   (add as arms to snowman)
…I see a green hat…
…pink mittens…
…red boots…
…a yellow scarf…
…a purple pipe…
…an orange carrot… (add as nose)
…a blue broom
So at least the kids had a chance to “make” snowman in storytime even if they can’t do it outside.  I did see one valiant attempt at building a snowman a few weeks ago when we had a light dusting.  The snowman creator actually managed to make a decent sized snowman although it was all brown and mostly made of mud!

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Balancing Act Felt Board Story

I won’t have a Flannel Friday submission for next week’s round up.  This week is our last week of the session, but I will be back the week of Jan 9th.  See you guys then :)

My theme last week for storytime was playing and having fun (this week my theme was holidays and I used my Ten Little Presents feltboard which you can find here).  One of my favorite activities to do with this theme is to use the song “What Shall We Do?” on the CD Wiggle Worms Love You with the parachute.  Everyone, parents and kids and me, hold on to an edge of the parachute for this activity.

Wiggle Worms "Love You" CD

The song goes

What shall we do when we all go out
When we all go out, when we all go out
What shall we do when we all go out
When we all go out to play.
everyone holds onto the edge of the parachute and walks in a circle

other phrases-not in order since I don’t have the lyrics handy
We can slide down the slide…. move parachute up and down
We can play on the monkey bars…. hold parachute up high and shake it
We can swing on the swings… move in and out with parachute
We can play in the sand box…. crouch down and shake parachute on the floor
We can ride on the merry go round….  walk in circle again

Today for Flannel Friday I have a cute little felt board based on the book Balancing Act by Ellen Stoll Walsh.

This is a story about mice who find a cool stick and a rock and make a teeter totter out of it all.  Then some friends come and join them which makes the teeter totter get off balance.  To show the teeter totter going up and down I just tilted the felt board one way or the other.

I made the bird with scrapbook paper that had a feather pattern and added felt details and a googlie eye.
At the end the stick breaks because there are too many enthusiastic animals balancing on it.  I cut my felt stick in half and attached a thin piece of velcro (the sticky side) to the back so that I could ‘break’ the stick in half at the appropriate time.

Look for the rest of the Flannel Friday round up at Linda’s blog later today.   :)

Animals in Fall Storytime

A few weeks ago, I did a storytime about animals getting ready for winter and am just now getting around to sharing the feltboard, activity, and craft that were a part of the storytime.

We read the story Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri.

After the story I had the kids close their eyes while I hid a ton of paper acorns around the room.  I have learned that if I hide them before class, they find everything while they are waiting for storytime to start and I wind up having to re-hide everything again.  So now I just do it quickly right before the activity.
I explained that we were going to search around for acorns just like the busy little squirrel and then hide them in our tree.  I made a paper tree trunk with a large hole cut in it where the children could ‘store’ their acorns.

Later we read the book Time to Sleep by Denise Flemming and I had a felt board to go with it.  It was a really small group the week I did this program so I had the kids each bring up an animal as we read the story.

At the end I had a fun little craft.  The last book I read was Sleepy Bear by Lydia Dabcovich and I had a cute little craft to go with it.
Everyone got a pre-cut cave and sleeping bear.  They glued the bears in the caves and added some tissue paper leaves to make a bed.  Then I passed out cotton stuffing to make snow on top of the cave.  They turned out so cute!  There were also crayons available so they could add any extra details they wanted.

On to my late submission of m Holiday Extravaganza Felt board.  But better late then never I guess…

I based my felt board on the book Ten Little Christmas Presents by Jean Marzollo.  I just leave off the “Christmas” part when I do the story and make it about just presents in general.

There are a TON of pieces for this feltboard, but it’s not too hard to do.  I have everything arranged ahead of time.  Cover up each gift with the appropriate present box.  As each animal receives their gifts, I lift up the present to find the gift underneath and put it on the felt animal.

Sorry about the flash :(   but here you can see all the pieces laid out together.  On the felt board I line up the presents in two rows, then add the animals next to their gift as they come up in the story.

You can find the rest of the Flannel Friday roundup over at Liz’s blog later today.

Felt Board Giveaway!!!

I was hoping to have a holiday feltboard to post today, along with this giveaway.  Unfortunately, I spent a good portion of Thanksgiving in the ER partially unconscious because I’d been too busy with life to take the time to find out why I hadn’t felt good in a week, then my body gave me a message I couldn’t ignore.  So I’m still recovering and haven’t been to work since the day before Thanksgiving and therefore I don’t have any pictures of the feltboard I wanted to share for today’s Holiday Extravaganza Flannel Friday.  I’ll just have to post it next week with the felt board I’m planning to use in stories this coming week.

Anyhow, on to the fun part :)

I am giving away this fun feltboard to one lucky person who comments on this post.  Make sure you include your email when prompted to, otherwise I will have no way to contact you and you will forfeit your chance to win.  If you are uncomfortable leaving your email, mention this in your comment.  I will leave it up to you to contact me if you win.

All comments must be received by 11:59 ET time (cause that’s where I live) tomorrow night – Saturday Dec 3, 2011.  That gives everyone a full day to stop by and leave a comment.

On Sunday, my lovely daughter Fiona will draw one name from a bag and I will announce the winner on Sunday.  It may not be until the evening, depending on how busy we are with church and everything.  But it will be posted.  Once I’ve contacted the winner and have your address, I will ship out the feltboard as soon as possible.  It may be closer to the end of the week as I never had a chance to go out and buy velcro for the back, stupid pneumonia!  But other than that it’s all finished.

Good luck!!!

I like to use this feltboard with the book Old MacDonald had a Woodshop  by Lisa Shulman.

Old MacDonald had a Tool Belt
—suit actions to words
Old MacDonald had a tool belt  EIEIO
And in that belt he had a hammer EIEIO
With a bang, bang here
And a bang, bang there
Here a bang, there a bang
Everywhere a bang, bang
Old MacDonald had a tool belt  EIEIO

file–scrape, scrape
drill–bzzz, bzzz
wrench–crank, crank
saw–zip, zip
chisel-chip, chip
paint brush–swish, swish
screw driver–squeak, squeak
pencil–scritch scratch
measuring tape–slide, slide  (pretend to slide measuring tape in and out)

Sorry about the dark photos, I was working on this late last night.

The tool belt has pockets for all the tools and a loop for the hammer.  I’ve used this feltboard (only a different copy of it) several times over the last few years and the kids LOVE it.  I have at least two copies of each of the tools, in my library set, so that there are plenty for everyone to bring up a tool.  Please feel free to make extras if you would like.  I will not mind. :)

So that’s it.  I can’t wait to ship this out to the winner :)  I’ll post my Holiday Extravaganza feltboard next week if that’s ok with all you Flannel Friday-ers!

Library Quine has the roundup at her blog.  Stop by later today to find a TON of awesome holiday feltboards.

Thanksgiving Stories and Giveaway Announcement

First, I want to make a special announcement.  On the Dec. 2 Flannel Friday (Holiday Extravaganza!) post in addition to a holiday feltboard post, I will also have a giveaway feltboard.  Anyone who posts a comment on the Dec. 2 Flannel Friday post will be entered in a drawing for the feltboard.  It won’t be a holiday themed set, so you will be able to use it any time of the year.  But it’s pretty cool and it has a cool 3D element!  So remember to stop back for the Dec. 2 Flannel Friday to enter the drawing.  Winners will be announced the next day Dec. 3 and I will also email the winner so that I can mail out your feltboard as soon as possible! :)

I won’t be doing my Thanksgiving story time until next week (other than my Thursday class unfortunately…), but will share what I plan to do next week with everyone now.  :)

First my usual counting poem:

Five Little Turkeys

Five little turkeys by the barn door, One waddled off, then there were four.
Four little turkeys out under the tree, One waddled off, then there were three. Three little turkeys with nothing to do, One waddled off, then there were two. Two little turkeys in the noonday sun, One waddled off, then there was one.
One little turkey – better run away! Soon will
– from http://www.theideabox.com/Five_Little_Turkeys_%28fingerplay%29.html

The next Thanksgiving feltboard is all about yummy Thanksgiving food!

If I knew You Were Coming!

If I knew you were coming I’d have baked a pie
Baked a pie, baked a pie.
If I knew you were coming I’d have baked a pie.
Howdy-do, Howdy-do, Howdy-do.   (pretend to put pie in oven)

Squished the squash…  (clap hands together back and forth)
Kneaded some bread…  (make kneading motion)
Poured the milk…  (pretend to pour milk)
Mashed the potatoes…  (mash fists together)
Stuffed the turkey… (push hand out palm facing away)
Chopped the lettuces…  (make chopping motion)

–I photocopied this pattern from a book a while back and didn’t notate where it was from!  It looks like a Liz and Dick Wilmes book.

I used a cotton ball for the whipped topping :)

I also love this song!

The Turkey Dance
(To the tune of “Turkey in the Straw”)

Oh, you turkey to the left (2 side steps to the left)
And you turkey to the right (2 step to the right)
You heel and toe and toe (put heel to floor than toe of one foot)
And you scratch with all your might, (scratch foot on floor)
Then you flap your turkey wings while your head goes wobble wobble.
(flap arms and bob head up and down)

You turn around and then you say “Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!”  (turn around)
          — from: http://www.preschooleducation.com/gthanksgiving.shtml

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

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